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Who has the power in a literary text? By viewing, reading and watching a range of non-fictional texts, you will develop your own original non-fictional texts. This module aims to introduce you to theories, debates, and practices in narrative, in order to enhance your understanding of narrative as it functions within literature and culture generally.

An Ark for Off-World Survivaland to develop content for the site. Literary Theory Is it proper to remove literary texts from their historical contexts, or is historical awareness essential to any understanding of the text?

Introduction to Creative Writing This module is designed to introduce you to good writing practices and to familiarise you with sharing your work in progress in a workshop environment — which will be a major part of your degree programme.

Is it really the case that a text can mean anything to anybody, or are there more objective ways of understanding what texts are and how they work?

In addition to examining specific examples of film adaptation, students can choose to experiment creatively on a project of their own. Forms of Narrative Good writers are good readers first and foremost.

You will mainly be assessed through coursework, and will often be required to develop a portfolio of original writing accompanied by a critical or reflective commentary. Disability Advice York St John University works hard to create an inclusive environment for all our students.

We do not want students to be passive learners, but instead expect you to be actively engaged and involved with your degree subject. What is actually happening when we read literature?

Creative Writing is an interactive subject, but also requires you to develop the skills of self-directed writing and time-management that are crucial to being a professional writer.

The module gives you the opportunity to experiment with a range of written forms, as well as sharing your work in progress and learning more about how professional writers work. Writing Poetry From the sonnet to the prose poem, learn about the formal qualities of poetry, how to produce dazzling imagery and perfect rhythm; manipulate voice and pace.

The best things about the course were the additional events that were put on and the inclusion of the work experience module. Gender and Sexualities When it comes to issues of gender and sexuality, what is natural and what is cultural?

Since working in publishing I have been to several book launches, author parties and a couple of International Book Fairs, but I still miss the events at York St John because they were so well tailored to aspiring writers and publishers.

You will be introduced to a variety of strategies and techniques for starting to write. You will develop an understanding of the emergence of genres such as crime, horror, dystopia, noir, and romance, as well as the emergence of new genres and contemporary sub-genres. Contact hours and self-study time In your first year, you will typically study three modules each semester.

But as well as developing creative work and critical analyses, there are other assessment opportunities designed to help you develop new skills and prepare for graduate employment.

And how do different cultural groups use popular culture and literature to reinforce, challenge, transgress or disrupt traditional gender expectations?

Canonicity This module prepares students to reflect on the study of Literature at Undergraduate level by introducing them to two key, overarching concepts: This module will engage with the fundamental questions lying behind the discipline of literary studies. You will study a range of contemporary poets, supplemented by visits and readings from some of them.

We will discuss these issues as they relate to identity politics and the intersections between class, gender, race, sexuality, ability, nation, and age in selected literary works. Creative Research in Practice This module brings together the skills developed throughout you Creative Writing degree, giving you the opportunity to devise new creative projects that are underpinned by research.

Level 2 Writing Fiction An opportunity to read and produce a range of fictional forms, from flash-fictions to novellas, short stories to novels. You will develop an understanding of characterisation; voice; plotting; narration; dialogue and point of view.

This is the creative and intellectual culmination of your degree, and provides the opportunity to focus on researching and developing a piece of work that particularly excites you. Scriptwriting - This module addresses the essential elements of scriptwriting — writing convincing dialogue, creating interesting characters, and constructing coherent stories — within a creative and supportive atmosphere.

Literature modules There will also be the opportunity to select from modules across the Literature degree programme.

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Programme specification Further information on this course is available in the programme specification. We do this by helping you to understand how literary texts work, which means reading and analysing texts as well as practising writing your own original creative work.

Is the world a fragmented assortment of local traditions, or a conformist monoculture? Publishing, Production and Performance - The aim of this work-related module is to develop your understanding of the relationship between creative writing practices and employability in the creative industries.

What do those in one part of the world owe to those living in another? Level 3 Creative Writing Dissertation In your final year, you will be ready to devise your own, original creative writing project. Creative Writing is a highly interactive discipline: There is a choice of creative or critical assessments.

Creative Non-Fiction You will have the opportunity to explore examples of non-fiction such as journalism, creative non-fiction, fictocriticism, manifestos, political tracts, graffiti, non-fiction graphic novels, blogs, online journals, live-tweeting and new media, travel writing, documentary and life writing.

Writing to Order This module is intended to introduce you to a range of professional contexts and practices for creative writing. We use a combination of different methods of delivery to help achieve this:Gotham Writers Workshop is a creative home in New York City and Online where writers develop their craft and come together in the spirit of discovery and fellowship.

We’ve been teaching creative writing and business writing since Course Descriptions Course descriptions can be found in the online PDF version of the Bulletin The Creative Writing minor is designed for students who have an interest in creative writing and are majoring in other areas.

Course overview.

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Creative Writing is one of the fastest-growing disciplines in UK universities and for good reason: it provides the opportunity to explore the world of literature while developing your own creative potential. Ours is one of only a few creative writing degree programs in the country.

BP Nichol was a winner of the Governor-General's Award, Fellow of Calumet College and professor emeritus of York's Creative Writing Program. Possible Career Paths Explore what you can do with your degree or equivalent courses. Curriculum: Ontario. Advanced. The primary objective of the Program in Creative Writing is to give students who have the talent and the ambition for a writing career the opportunity to.

Creative Writing Courses. Creative Writing Courses. FAQs. "York’s Creative Writing program gifted me the real struggle of tunneling into the wr.

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