Value of time essay in marathi

Time is called as the strongest thing in this world which can damage and improve anyone. The best way to utilize time in useful manner, we should make a time table to do everything at right time.

Those who have realised this basic truth of life, never allow time to pass away unused. This 4-letter word seems to be quite simple at first. People say time is money. Even they never regret their ways of time wasting and never become sorry. It never waits anyone.

There are always a couple of options. If we do so, we allow those golden opportunities and chances to slip away too. The most remarkable feature of time is its preciousness.

Value of Life Essay

Unplanned living is the surest way to kill time. Thus, time can create us or destroy us. Or you can be a year old enthusiast who travelled all over the world, helped thousands of homeless and saved hundreds of people with one brilliant idea. This is the first step to success. Time can only be used; one can never buy or sell it.

Postponement and laziness are the ropes which strangle time. We are not able to measure its potential because sometime only one moment is enough to win whereas sometime it takes whole life to win. They are connected, and they affect the flow of our life.

It comes and goes. We should never postpone doing good and important things. To utilise time fruitfully, we must take concrete steps as to how we are going to use it and what we are going to do with it.

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We should be very punctual according to the time and do our all work with time. Most of the people live their life in useless way. Time runs continuously without stoppage. We should not waste time. You are the lord of your life and the value of it depends on your own actions.

Value of Time Essay

A minute is enough to win a victory. Maybe you will add value to another unfortunate life. Very often we can hear people saying that they are so busy that they do not have enough time to live, meaning that they do not feel the taste of life. For sure, we are living while we are evolving but sometimes all you have to do is to find a person who can share your misfortune with you.

Every tangle has its own story with key points and of course aspects that influence it most of all — its values. Change is the law of nature. Money lost can be recovered, but not the time lost. First of all in order to determine our values we have to ask ourselves: We should understand the value of time and go ahead with it because time never stays for anyone special.Write a Short Essay on the Value of Time.

Article shared by. There is a saying “Time and tide waits for none”. Write a Short Essay on an Ideal Student.

Veleche Mahatva in Marathi | Importance of Time in Marathi Essay

Veleche Mahatva in Marathi | Importance of Time in Marathi Essay. Veleche Mahatva in Marathi Importance / Value of Time Essay in Marathi. Free Essays on Value Of Time In Marathi.

Get help with your writing. 1 through Total -- Words Essay: Value chain of our life time activities can have the Value proposition as self brand of creating opportunity for ourselves.

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Value of time

Get help with your writing. 1 through Contextual translation of "marathi essay on value of time" into Hindi. Human translations with examples: marathi, नमक पर मराठी निबंध, चाँद पर.

Value of time essay in marathi
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