The growing concerns over violence in our society and the main causes of the problem

Evolutionary explanations of rape are also criticized as not explaining the proportion of rapes lacking reproductive consequences because they involve oral or anal penetration or victims who are prepubescent or male. Studies have also looked at brain abnormalities and violent behavior.

A wide variety of psychiatric and personality disorders have also been diagnosed among sexual offenders, most Page 57 Share Cite Suggested Citation: The American fascination with violence is not only focused on violent heroes, however.

Subsystem contributions would be seen as organized in ways that both encouraged violent acts and imposed limits on violence. But existing values emphasize individual autonomy at the expense of the community.

This finding is consistent with the optimum evolutionary strategy for males of mating with as many fertile females as possible. With this awareness it is possible to focus interventions at the levels where they are most likely to be effective and to monitor whether or not the interventions are working.

Both the research on general violence and that on violence against women suggest that violence arises from interactions among individual biological and psychosocial factors and social processes e.

This violence-supporting discourse is promoted by the fact that members of marginalized groups are unlikely to be exposed to mainstream society where success and opportunity are described in other terms.

Systems theorists believe that direct efforts to change any system element will fail; the system will restore the missing piece or replace it—often in a more exaggerated form.

Violence in Society

Evolutionary theory also has been used to explain aspects of intimate partner violence. There is much debate over how much influence evolutionary factors have on modern human beings.

In the past, some violent acts were integrated into society by either justifying the violent actions or by attributing the actions to individual psychopathology.

Voluntary self-censorship and an effort to build a realistic community view of violence—while difficult to imagine—offer the potential for system-wide change and virtual elimination of violence in America.

Young men also typically become interested in girls and sex; sexual success is valued by the male peer group. Abstract Violence is not a single kind of activity, but rather a socially defined category of activities that share some common features.

In considering this literature, it should be remembered that much of the evidence comes from animal studies and that generalizing from animals to humans is not straightforward. Other groups in society are also working to change their ways of talking about violence: Alcohol use has been reported in between 25 percent and 85 percent of incidents of battering and up to 75 percent of acquaintance rapes Kantor and Straus, ; Muehlenhard and Linton, ; Koss et al.

The theory does not explain how to set priorities or coordinate interventions. Implications for prevention and intervention are examined. Such behavior was considered acceptable because it was believed that women were intensely ambivalent about sex and therefore the man was doing the woman a favor.

Human civilization has come a long way from the Stone Age. Violence, from this perspective, demonstrates failures in the control process.

Domestic violence: the issue explained

Systems approaches to intervention e. Whereas functionalist approaches to violence call for changing the situation, constructionist approaches call for changing socially constructed views of the situation.

The paradox of American violence. Rather, this review is intended to help prevent violence by contributing to the understandings of the social influences contributing to violence. It may range from superficial bruises to outright destruction.Christians must address this issue of violence in our society.

Here are a number of specific suggestions for dealing with violence. 1. Learn about the impact of violence in our society. Share this material with your pastor, elders, deacons, and church members. Help them understand how important this issue is to them and their community.

Essay on the increasing level of Violence in our Society

2. Create a safe environment. Families live in the midst of violence. We. Some main areas of concern these people think that the problem of domestic violence lies with lenient law enforcement and sentencing; they feel that our laws should be enforced more strictly (Cho & Wilke, ).

The Impact of Domestic Violence on Society. The Impact of Gun Violence on Children, Families, & Communities. Published in Volume 23, Number 1 by Julie Collins and Emily Swoveland. Over the past few years, gun violence has risen to the forefront of public consciousness. it requires our society to find ways to reduce the actual numbers of children and youth who are initially.

It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Please check your internet connection or reload this page. Read chapter 3 Causes and Consequences of Violence Against Women: Violence against women is one factor in the growing wave of alarm about violence in Am.

Confusion over the causes of domestic violence only serves to divert attention from the severity of the problem. The myths abound but the reality is that domestic violence is not caused by alcohol, drugs, unemployment or stress.

The growing concerns over violence in our society and the main causes of the problem
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