Swallowing stones book report

Discuss why Michael goes to the ghost tree. How might his actions be considered a form of stalking? Overall, "Swallowing Stones" is an excellent picture of how tragedy affects those who are left behind. He and his friend Joe take it out into the woods behind his house and shoot it into the air in celebration.

Discuss why Michael allows Joe to talk him into burying the rifle. What does Amy teach Jenna about grief? Why has she kept this secret? Contrast Michael and Joe. His teenage daughter, Jenna, is witness to this tragic accident.

Your teacher knows how to Google How does his trip to the ghost tree take courage? Discuss why Michael is so intrigued by Amy. MacKenzie might suspect that his son is involved in the shooting accident.

These themes are effectively delivered through realistic teenage characters, making this a solid young adult novel. How does guilt create a bond between Jenna and her mother? MacKenzie needs to believe that Joe is the one who fired the gun. How does she help Michael face the truth? Discuss how the accidental death of Charlie Ward may still be considered manslaughter.

The secret of who fired the gun expands like a balloon with guilt and lies. How do people perceive her character? What are the stones that Michael MacKenzie must swallow? On his seventeenth birthday, Michael receives a Winchester rifle as a gift from his grandfather.

Why is she so frightened by him? A nice feature of this book is the realistic, age-appropriate characters and relationships.

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Swallowing Stones- Chioces Free Essay, Term Paper and Book Report

I know these things. Across town, an innocent man who is fixing his roof is struck in the head by the bullet and dies instantly. How does Michael feel betrayed by Joe at different points in the novel?

Why does Michael maintain his friendship with Joe when everyone else has written him off? Discuss what stones he must swallow in the future.

There is also an element of magic realism to the book, as both Michael and Jenna are drawn together by visions of a "ghost tree" with powerful spiritual energy. It also gives a glimpse into the guilt that surrounds someone who has accidentally caused a tragic accident.

Each has their own knowledge of the incident and as the book progresses more and more clues are exposed as the two grow closer together.

I have a very strong suspicion that many of you are students looking for some help on a book review or summary. Why does he want her to be the one to end the relationship?

Jenna wishes that relationships could be worked out like math problems, but knows there are just too many variables. Why does Joe smash her car? And tracking data indicates that a lot of people are searching for a summary of "Swallowing Stones".

The chapters of the book alternate between the perspective of Michael and Jenna.

Swallowing Stones

How is she hurt by these perceptions? Role-play a scene where Michael confesses the shooting to his father.Jan 28,  · Here is a short book trailer for a novel we have the incoming sophomores read over the summer.

Swallowing Stones Main Characters Jenna Ward Other Characters Amy Ruggerio Plot The day that was supposed to be the best day of his life became the day that he will regret the most. Swallowing Stones Scrapbook Book Report - Page Text Content. FC: Swallowing Stones Scrapbook By Ariana Long.

2: Dynamic Character | A character that goes through an important change. Swallowing Stones by Joyce McDonald is a suspenseful book about a tragic accident that set off a chain of events that would change the small town of Briarwood forever. Swallowing Stones by Joyce McDonald Conflict/Resolution Tone The tone was serious, suspenseful, melancholic, and ironic.

In the book Swallowing Stones, Michael Mackenzie just turned 17 years old. The book ended that Michael was standing in front of Jenna waiting for her to wake up to tell her the truth.

Aug 24,  · Best Answer: This is a book about two lives that are separate but intertwined. Michael MacKenzie and and a friend decide to shoot of a rifle on the Fourth of July, the had no idea of the repercussion that it could cause when they fresh-air-purifiers.com: Resolved.

Swallowing stones book report
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