Stake your claim

Lawyers could take a page from their book. When an attorney chooses to narrow their focus, they is stake out a place of their own to grow into, be known for, and deeply explore and master. You no doubt have examples in your own firm, but here are a few interesting practices we found: Today, innovative lawyers and law firms are emulating forward-looking businesses — responding quickly to emerging technologies and markets, and positioning themselves as the go-to choice when a nascent industry takes off.

Canna Law Grouplaunched inis a team of business attorneys focused on corporate, compliance, intellectual property and consumer product issues impacting the cannabis industry.

The trick is to be a student of trends and astute about analyzing what trends are poised to create a groundswell, thereby causing changes in business, regulation, consumer behavior and demand.

stake a claim

The Stake Your Claim summary is a useful tool for users to demonstrate land ownership and for finance and insurance providers to assess the suitability of these users for their products. By thinking about the big picture and the areas of law our firms practice, we can bring concrete and actionable trend analyses to our attorneys.

No formal education is required just an understanding of English and a mobile phone. Miss a trend, and it could mean losing market share, or worse.

On the flip side, anticipating a trend and getting in front of competitors can produce untold rewards. Pair one of the trends in the left column with a practice in the right column and create a niche practice. A niche practice comes about from building expertise in a distinct area of law or industry segment.

The Importance of Trends Trends are a critical part of the niche practice discussion and key to successfully focusing marketing and business development activities.

A salesforce that benefits from flexible working Creating Jobs Stake your claim the young In response to the high rates of unemployment that present an ever increasing threat to emerging markets, Stake Your Claim provides thousands of jobs for anyone, who can work on their terms and are incentivised to upload high quality information.

Dorchester Ranch Resort

Not only does this provide an income stream for cash strapped government departments but it reinforces the validity of Stake Your Claim land summaries. We are engaged in client and industry research, and we think about things like buying behavior and motivation.

Spotting and acting on emerging trends is how successful companies have always captured market share and spurred innovation. Choosing a niche is by no means a new concept — lawyers have been doing it Stake your claim a long time. BakerHostetler was a pioneer in the area of data privacy and has bolstered that practice with the well-read Data Privacy Monitor blog.

At a time when few had heard of microcomputers, Bill Gates and Paul Allen formed Microsoft in an effort to bring a computer to every desktop and every home. Legal Marketers as Trend Spotters Legal marketers are perfectly positioned to spot trends and conduct the analysis to suggest new niche practices.

To improve your trend spotting skills, make a habit of checking the BrainReserve website by Faith Popcorn yes, that is her real name!

Like most things in life, spotting trends comes more naturally with practice. A portal that allows land authorities to generate income Digitising land records and locking them into the blockchain In support of the efforts of land authorities to organise and digitise their registries we provide a paid service where land authorities can generate income from endorsing the claims of our users.

By uploading information onto our system users will receive the tools that will help them unlock capital trapped in their land assets.

In this way we will mobilise the latent workforce of year olds to solve the persistent issue of insecure land tenure. How It Works Making your land ownership claim 1 Its free and will take you less than 5 minutes 2 Receive a digital claim summary, valuation and an address Your details are stored anonymously in our secure servers 3 Optional engagement with service providers You can choose to access a wide range of benefits that we offer Videos See what Stake Your Claim is seeking to achieve and how it is going to do it Stake Your Claim Overview How to use Stake Your Claim A video showing exactly how the system works Join the Community The first step to unlocking capital trapped in your land Name.

But it stuck with brick and mortar, due dates, and late fees instead! Once a user has uploaded their information they receive access to our marketplace where they can take advantage of a wide selection of Financial, insurance and land related services.

The key is to select a niche practice with strong economic potential in an area that is trending upward, then plant a flag and become the leading expert in that field. Test Your Skills Here is an exercise to test your ability to generate a new niche law practice. Keep in mind that a niche practice can be targeted toward an industry, a segment of the population or even a location.

Over the years she has played a key leadership role in branding one of the largest IP firms in the United States, driven the creative process for an animated short aimed at legal recruits, developed an award-winning business development training program for attorneys, and led her teams to numerous Legal Marketing Association awards, including top honors in the practice development and website categories.

Believe it or not, Blockbuster, the once ubiquitous video store chain, had the opportunity to buy Netflix 16 years ago.

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Throughout history, trends have presented both the greatest opportunities and greatest risk for businesses and professionals. In a marketplace where choices are plentiful, lawyers and law firms must tune in to trends or risk going the way Blockbuster.

Gone are the days when law firms could rest on the laurels of past success and give little thought to market position and business development. Believe it or not, we have a leg up on our lawyers in this area, simply because we are not lawyers! Stake Your Claim Like the business pioneers before them, lawyers can benefit from finding new ground of their own.

A direct link between users and financial services To unlock value in land We foster the relationships between land owners and third parties who can help to unlock the value trapped in land with insecure tenure.

Hungry to develop a book of business, they are often open to new ideas, are looking for a place to stand and call their own, and are likely comfortable with the online world, which is the ideal place to project niche expertise.

A free service for landowners In Emerging Markets When a landowner uploads information about their land claim we store it for them securely and provide a single document that rates the strength of their land claim, provides a valuation and links them to an address.Dorchester Ranch Resort is a fully serviced, year-round, exclusive Resort in Pigeon Lake.

Beautifully located 45 minutes south of Edmonton and overlooking the Battle River Valley, we are excited to introduce you to one of Alberta’s best kept secrets. Claim more territory than your opponent to win! Stake Your Claim and Conquer More We are a new kind of media agency, set out to conquer the world’s attention through intelligent pursuit.

With our five-star approach, we’ll ensure that you’re one step ahead of the competition. Stake Your Claim: Exploring the Gold Mine Within [Emmet Fox] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

In this classic text, the master teacher whose works have moved and inspired millions presents inspirational advice and simple self-help that will bring true success and happiness. These seventy-two meditative essays/5(24). stake a claim declare your right to something.

This expression refers to the practice of putting stakes around the perimeter of a piece of land to which a claim is laid. Black - Respect All, Bow To None. Regular price $ Sold out. Navy - Respect All, Bow To None. Regular price $

Stake your claim
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