Repo margin best practices

Defines and provides detail as to the nature of the transaction; Identifies the relationship of the parties to the agreement; Establishes the parameters concerning the ownership and custody of the collateral securities for the term of the agreement; May include right to substitute collateral during the term of the agreement; and Provides for remedies in the event of default by either party.

The collateral for the repo is not liquid or easily marketable; and The value of the repo is not sufficient to cover the funds invested and interest earned. Further discussion of repos and recommended safeguards is provided in the references listed below.

The independent source of pricing should not be a counterparty to the repo transaction and could include: If there is a default of the counterparty, the securities held as collateral of the repo will be owned by the entity, supporting the need to restrict the maturity and type of security to what is allowable under policy.

At a minimum, the purchased securities should be valued: Collateral arrangements for repurchase agreements are short-term and liquid in nature. Safekeeping duties should be performed by a third-party custodian in accordance with an executed agreement.

Repos are an integral part of an investment program of state and local governments and provide an alternative or supplement to local government investment pools, money market mutual funds and other money market instruments. Repos are contractual financial transactions in which an investor e.

Establishing a Policy for Repurchase Agreements

In order to protect public funds, governmental entities should ensure proper securitization practices when utilizing repurchase agreements for investments. Public investors should consult their investment policy as well as state law and local ordinances for any further restrictions or guidance on repurchase agreements and valuation of purchased securities.

Acceptable securities are those that have readily available pricing information from a reputable, independent pricing source.

GFOA recommends that state and local government finance officers develop policies and procedures to ensure the safety of repos. Master repurchase agreements should be employed, subject to appropriate legal and technical review.

Monitoring the Value of Securities in Repurchase Agreements

This change of treating repurchase agreements as collateralized loans would make them illegal for local governments in many states. Flex Repo flexible repurchase agreements: Routine market valuing of the purchased securities during the term of the repurchase agreement should be a mandatory practice in order to ensure the purchased securities maintain sufficient market value to cover any default.

An agreement should reflect the following characteristics: The securities are repurchased, or bought back, at the same price plus the interest earned at the repo rate for the period of the repo.

Treasury bills and governmental agency securities e. The value of the securities must be monitored frequently to insure the market value remains at least equal to the invested amount plus margin percentage in case of default of the counterparty. If the value of the purchased securities falls below the invested amount plus margin percentage, then the counterparty is required to deliver additional securities to the investor upon their request.Award for Best Practices in School Budgeting Home / Products and Services / Resources / Best Practices/Advisories / Monitoring the Value of Securities in Repurchase Agreements.

Monitoring the Value of Securities in Repurchase Agreements If the total value of the purchased securities is less than the repo value plus the margin. Dec 04,  · The Repo margin serves as an insurance to the lender against price decreases of the collateral asset if the quality of the asset is high, the difference between the loan value and the market value (the “insurance premium”) does not have to be as large.

ICMA ERC Repo Margining Best Practices – May Page 2 ICMA ERC Repo Margining Best Practices 1 Initial margin and haircut Initial margins and haircuts may be used to adjust the value of collateral sold in a repurchase agreement in.

Repo rate vs. Repo Margin

A repurchase agreement, or repo, is a sale of securities for cash with a commitment to repurchase them at a specified price at a future date. Practically, the repurchase agreement by itself is simply a collateralized loan. Repo Diagram Margin (Haircut).

Best practice suggests certain types of practices are universally successfull while Best fit acknowledges the relevent impact of contextual factors. Further below we will look into detail the two concepts in question and see how they are similar or different and how they impact different organizations and their employees and employers.

Initial margin Participants in SGS repo may negotiate suitable initial margin reflecting both their assessment of their counterparty's creditworthiness and the market risks (e.g. duration of collateral) involved in the transaction.

SGS Repo Code of Best Practice.

Repo margin best practices
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