Reflective essay on learning and communicating online

This involves sharing in co-creating the direction of discussions, seeking out resources beyond those provided and integrating them into discussions and assignments. Although I do not always agree with the incorporation of technology in all aspects of our school, I now have a vast amount of new ideas that I will be using in my future.

During the course I also experienced working collaboratively in an online community creating an informational source. Maintain a watchful, frequent, and regular online presence usually checking on at least once every 24 hours on weekdays to respond to student online questions and emails.

I learnt that Learning requires feedback Senge and I felt that it was important to contribute constructive feedback and suggestions to the rest of the team on the final Prezi once we had all submitted our presentations. Be able to use the necessarily technology to perform online tasks Be able to communicate effectively and respectfully in an online environment follow appropriate netiquette.

I like the idea of introducing how to create a lesson plan while using technology but the assignment was not one of the stronger ones. In online learning, students need to be much more self-motivated and self-directed, as they cannot expect the teacher to monitor if and when they are doing the work.

Social loafing occurs when nothing gets done because everyone thinks someone else will do the job Giles, G An online informational source can help develop knowledge and allows you to share it with a wider audience.

In teacher directed online classes, the teacher assumes considerable control over the material that students use in learning content.

Once the course has been created, even in more teacher directed online classes, the role of the teacher is more of a facilitator of student learning. I was not against this project but I do not think that an entire assignment should be dedicated to this in the future; maybe the instructor can expose us to one or two examples of this method rather than having each student create one individually.

After having used this site myself I am thoroughly pleased with their lessons. I have also learnt how to assess if an online source in credible enough to use and also how I can be a reliable contributor to an online source. Details of f2f lessons are planned out in detail, including content, methods to be used, in-class activities, formative assessment, follow-up summative assessment.

I believe that being able to provide constructive criticism to the team is one of the main advantages, but having the technology and tools to be able to easily communicate and share or create and contribute ideas and content to the team or straight to the presentation is the main advantage that I identified.

Planning online classes is often a collaborative venture, with the instructor working with a team of people such as technical support staff and other instructors who are part of the online program.

Throughout the textbook there were an abundance of different ideas on how students can manage information using technology. One way of doing this is to hopefully have an interactive whiteboard in my classroom, before EME I had not experienced a lesson with an interactive whiteboard and I hope that I am able to use one with my students in the future.

I never thought to check for a date or objectivity of the source and this really inspired me to look into the credibility of my resources more often. Select and use online teaching tools appropriately and effectively to enhance student learning.

Online Learning Reflection Paper

For asynchronous elements of online class, students can participate in learning activities and from any place that has an Internet connection or at least download necessary elements and then work offline.

Students can demonstrate their skills and understanding "live" and receive immediate feedback from the teacher and from peers. I learnt the importance of using credible sources and a variety of sources in order to add value to research.

The best example of enhancing communication was our online discussion board; it is definitely an approach that I plan on using with my students. Feedback Can be given synchronously and orally, with non-verbals playing an important part in how teachers convey their intent and how students interpret what is said.

Students can review and repeat learning experiences as needed vs. There is also the ability to review and replay the content of the items as many times as necessary until I have learned the content completely. Students can work at their own pace and sequence activities according to their own interests and needs unless instructor blocks access to some course elements except in designated times.

Overall I enjoyed this class and I was pleased with the variety of projects that were assigned throughout the semester. The challenges and opportunities of Social Media" Kaplan and Haenlein, I also learnt about blogs, content communities, social networking sites and self-presentation and how to classify my most-used social media platforms in these categories.

Expectations of instructor Teach effectively using f2f methods see examples in chart below A key aspect of this is understanding the needs of students in a f2f environment and having the interpersonal skills facilitate f2f interaction among students and to support and guide f2f learning Select and use classroom teaching tools appropriately and effectively to enhance student learning.

What are the differences between teaching a face-to-face course versus an online course? Look how cool it is!

Each individual page came together to form a whole, and although we each did our own individual work the project flowed uniformly. Online education also defines that set of applications through which learners are connected to distant tangible resources like remote instruments e.Online Learning And Communication Reflection.

Online learning In the age of technology, many approaches have been changed.

Personal Reflection On The Topic Learning And Communicating Online

Learning process has been shifted from the traditional way to a new perspective of learning that uses the internet technology. Advantages of Online Learning essay. Personal reflection on the topic Learning and Communicating Online Introduction To be a part of an online environment has helped me to amplify my potential to learn and enhance my knowledge and understanding of communicating online.

Reflective Essay REFLECTIVE ESSAY FOR MARKETING, INNOVATION AND DESIGN Reflective writing is an intricate process of inscription, what one learned from a particular area and how it would be useful in the future. Learning and Communicating Online: Reflective Essay In this blog, I will reflect on what I’ve learnt in the course ‘ Learning and Communicating Online’ and in particular, I’ll discuss what I have learnt about finding, using and evaluating online sources for academic communication.

In my opinion EME did a great job of incorporating our learning objectives with new and engaging lessons and activities, and projects. The best example of enhancing communication was our online discussion board; it is definitely an approach that I plan on using with my students.

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My Account; Reflective Essay:Learning&Communicating Online Introduction The vision of learning and communicating online provides a rich resources to allow students to.

Reflective essay on learning and communicating online
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