Peer reviewed nursing research articles

Reading a single article can act as a springboard into researching the topic more widely and aids in ensuring your nursing practice remains current and is supported by existing literature. Is the information supported by evidence? Does the information seem to be free of bias and emotion?

If you answered yes to all these questionsthe journal may very well be peer-reviewed. It also highlights the new approaches and strategic programmes developed to promote health, prevention of illness, and the care of ill, disabled and suffering people.

Quick Qs to ask of every source Where does the information come from? This will demonstrate how the study is capable of achieving its aims. Publication bias can occur when editors only accept manuscripts that have a bearing on the direction of their own research, or reject manuscripts with negative findings.

June 1, Relationship between high-fidelity simulation and patient safety in prelicensure nursing education: Over recent years there have been important developments in the investigation and management of these patients including new chemotherapy, and biological and hormonal agents.

Graphs and tables should be clear and promote clarity of the text. The above list is not static or complete.

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Check in and around the masthead to locate the method for submitting articles to the publication. In men breast cancer is rare, with about cases diagnosed, and 70 deaths in England and Wales each year. Three categories of information resources: Remember, many databases do not allow you to limit your search in this way.

Different criteria will be more or less important depending on your situation or need. A Systematic Review and Economic Analysis Breast cancer is the uncontrolled, abnormal growth of malignant breast tissue affecting predominantly women.

In addition, there is a significant number of women who have been previously treated with curative intent who subsequently develop either a local recurrence or metastases. There were any major omissions in the results, which could indicate bias Percentages have been used to disguise small sample sizes The data generated is consistent with the data collected Negative results are just as relevant as research that produces positive results but as mentioned previously may be omitted in publication due to editorial bias.AJN is the oldest and largest circulating nursing journal in the world.

The Journal's mission is to promote excellence in nursing and health care through the dissemination of evidence-based, peer-reviewed clinical information and original research, discussion of relevant and controversial professional issues, adherence to the standards of journalistic integrity and excellence, and promotion of.

This peer-reviewed journal offers a unique focus on the realm of pain management as it applies to nursing. Original and review articles from experts.

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Publications and peer-reviewed articles. The articles and documents listed below can be accessed, downloaded for personal use, or ordered. Because of copyright arrangements some of the article links may, however, be not freely accessible.

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Dove Press is a member of the Open Access Initiative, specializing in peer reviewed Medical Journals. View articlesor submit your research for publishing Javascript is currently disabled in your browser. BMC Nursing: Here readers will find free, peer-reviewed articles on topics in nursing, research, practice and education with a U.K.


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Online Journal of Nursing Informatics: Started inthis UK journal focuses on "theoretical and practical aspects of nursing informatics as it relates to the art of nursing.". The Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services is a peer-reviewed, monthly journal for psychosocial and mental health nurses in a variety of community and institutional settings.

Peer reviewed nursing research articles
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