Observing math instruction

One of the questions was packing for camp, what things would one need to bring. The teacher did however use an overhead board that had some technological tools. I did notice the teacher kept some type of record of student activity. According to several statistics noted student achievement has greatly improved, but the use of these standards is slow to catch on.

This particular teacher was using mathematical processes. During recent observation of a math class in an elementary school the opportunity was permitted to see if and how certain math standards were being used in the classroom.

The questions were everyday questions that any of the students could identify with regardless of background or culture. This particular assignment was more or less thinking skills so the use of technology was not necessarily needed. Constructivism focuses on problem solving, and the application of knowledge.

Standards are an example of what learning should occur in students. The teacher had different Observing math instruction rhymes she would use to jog the students memory. The teacher had a few students in her class that were Spanish speaking, there were no special education students, disabled students.

Most people like having a pattern or guide of some sort to follow because it takes the guess work out. With such good guide lines in place some people still use traditional math instruction verses constructivist programs.

Introduction to the Mathematics Instructional Practice Guide

Constructivist teachers interact with their students, promote the construction of their own learning, allow students to have points of view and encourage participation in classroom activities.

The students were also given test prep questions as homework. Education In every aspect of life there is a need for some kind of standard, in mathematic instruction there are two aspects of these standards, processing and constructivism.

The reasoning for this is many teachers have been in the system for a while and are not as open to using updated information. On the other hand constructivist programs are based on theory. The opportunity was not awarded to investigate this record.

Students are not expected to rely on prior knowledge or background for learning experience. The teacher presented the students with several sceneries and the students had to develop questions that could be used. For the Spanish students there was a paraprofessional that translated and helped the Spanish students to understand the questions being asked.

The question was how many ways can 36 tiles are drawn? By incorporating standards it allows everyone involved to be aware of what needs to happen, what the teacher will teach, what the student will learn and any assessments that will be done great schools.

This particular teacher had already pre-assigned her students with partners to work with. In this particular standard the student focuses on problem solving, reasoning, and proof of.

Observing Math instruction - Essay Example

The students are usually active and work in groups. Standards are important because it gives schools and districts a goal. There were several little games already in place for problem solving strategies. The class was mostly based on allowing students to process information and practice problem solving.

We will write a custom essay sample on Observing math instruction or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER In my Observing math instruction standards can improve student achievement because students and parents know what information they have to learn and they can better prepare themselves.

The best way to describe the assessment was observations. The lessons are usually revolved around a textbook and the assessments are usually formal and informal tests. The use of standards can make teaching a better experience on my opinion.

Standards are the baseline for most things we do in life. She used pictures, and drew something that resembled a T, this tool allowed the students to visualize the questions she was asking.

The students worked with their partner and came up with different questions. After the lesson and the practicum experience it has become very clear that the use of standards are a very important aspect of education. This evidentially was done in the very beginning of the school year so all the students were familiar with their partners.It also allows students to learn both individually and in groups.

This lesson will allow the impaired students to use their own senses. Their senses become hi. CLASSROOM WALKTHROUGH CHECKLIST Focus on LEARNERS & RELEVANCE Focus on INSTRUCTION & RIGOR Focus on ENVIRONMENT &.

Overview: The Introduction to the Instructional Practice Guide for Mathematics Module focuses on the Instructional Practice Guide: Coaching Tool as a resource for observation and fresh-air-purifiers.com Instructional Practice Guide: Coaching tool is for teachers, and those who support teachers, to build understanding and experience with Common Core State Standards (CCSS)-aligned instruction.

leadership content knowledge, mathematics, observation, pedagogy, teacher growth What Elementary Leaders Need to Know in Order to Observe Mathematics Instruction and Provide Feedback to Teachers Effectively: A Delphi Study. SVMI Classroom Observation Guide Drawing heavily on the vision of math teaching portrayed in the SVMI math teachers rubric, the guide can be used both to help focus classroom observations and as a discussion guide to help focus pre- and post- conferences between teacher and coach.

• Access the “Content Focused Observations: Mathematics” session materials.

Observing math instruction

– Session Presentation – Louisiana Principal’s Teaching and Learning Guidebook – Instructional Guide to Observation and Feedback: Math • Please silence all electronic devices.

Observing math instruction
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