Life and legacy of marie antoinette essay

Marie Antoinette with her children Once the Revolution in had begun, Marie Antoinette sided with the close-minded people at court who were against compromising with the more modest revolutionaries and started asking help from her brother, Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II.

On the other hand, both the king and the queen trusted Mme de Polignac completely, gave her a thirteen-room apartment in Versailles and paid her well. Louis could then work with other people trying to crush the Revolution, but be safely away from where it was happening. At the outset, the new queen had limited political influence with her husband, who with the support of his two most important ministers, Chief Minister Maurepas and Foreign Minister Vergennesblocked several of her candidates from assuming important positions, including Choiseul.

Those on music, often dedicated to her, were the most read, though she also liked to read history. On 19 September she appointed her superintendent of her household, [52] [53] an appointment she soon transferred to her new favourite, the duchesse de Polignac.

Inat the age of fifteen, the Austrian Princess Marie was married to the Dauphin Louis, the heir to the French throne.

The assembly was held for the purpose of initiating necessary financial reforms, but the Parlement refused to cooperate.

As time went on, these came to focus more and more on the Queen. In October, she was convicted of treason and sent to the guillotine.

Marie Antoinette

It further deteriorated when Louis XVI tried to use a lit de justice on 11 November to impose legislation. Later, in the years following this momentous event, Marie and her husband had a daughter and two sons. Between andshe became known for trivial, yet very expensive escapades which included the following: Visit Website Did you know?

Picture 5 - "Marie Antoinette" from: What Marie Antoinette was actually like was beside the point; the image of the queen was far more influential than the woman herself.

This controversial portrait was considered by her critics to show improperly informal attire for a queen, [67] whereas a similar portrait in formal dress did not create controversy. In August, another mob stormed the Tuileries, overthrew the monarchy and locked the family in a tower.

Upon her arrival in France, she adopted the French version of her name: As they were heading toward the border, some of the local townspeople noticed that the royal family was leaving, and thus some guards arrested them.

Her marriage was difficult and, as she had very few official duties, she spent most of her time socializing and indulging her extravagant tastes. The French army was in a shambles and the war did not go well—a turn of events that many blamed on the foreign-born queen.

However, many revolutionaries began to argue that the most insidious enemies of the state were not the nobles but the monarchs themselves.

This event may have been the start of the peoples tarnished images of Marie, but nothing was as bad as her idea of running away. She was 37 years old. Meanwhile, the queen began to institute changes in court customs.

Their common desire to destroy the ambitions of Prussia and Great Britain and to secure a definitive peace between their respective countries led them to seal their alliance with a marriage: Another aspect that is commonly not associated with Marie Antoinette is that her life was like that of a lot of women in the 18th century.


Picture 1 - "Marie Antoinette" from:Marie Antoinette was born in 15, a princess, the 15th and the favorite daughter of Maria Teresa, Empress of Austria. Maria Teresa was successful in Maria Teresa was successful in 1, Words | 5 Pages/5(1). Jun 01,  · These are the sources and citations used to research An essay about Marie Antoinette.

This bibliography was generated on Cite This For Me on Thursday, January 15, Watch video · Both of these takes on Marie Antoinette's character demonstrate the tendency, as prevalent today as it was in her own time, to depict her life and death as.

Essay about Life and Legacy of Marie Antoinette - Marie Antoinette Josèphe Jeanne de Habsbourg-Lorraine was born in the mid-eighteenth century as an archduchess and princess, to Maria Teresa, the Austrian Empress, at the very apex of the European hierarchal pyramid.

Marie Antoinette's daughter, Marie-Thérèse Charlotte, Madame Royale, was born at Versailles on 19 December The Marie Antoinette, whose life was as much in danger, remained with the king, Legacy Funerary monument to. Life and Legacy of Marie Antoinette Essay Words | 5 Pages Marie Antoinette Josèphe Jeanne de Habsbourg-Lorraine was born in the mid-eighteenth century as an archduchess and princess, to Maria Teresa, the Austrian Empress, at the very apex of the European hierarchal pyramid.

Life and legacy of marie antoinette essay
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