Kpop versus american pop

Which brings us to the next point the fans.

What Are Some Major Differences Between the K-Pop Industry and the American Pop Industry?

Having said that, K-pop idols must possess a wide range of other skills, such as MCing, radio hosting, dancing, acting, and variety show expertise.

While there are some K-pop idols who can write music, a majority rely on other producers to write their songs for them.

Without kpop amino I think I would explode: Which in all honesty is a very smart move seeing as how successful the American music industry is compared to other countries around the world. At music awards, you will see several artists from the same record label performing a suite of songs together in some kind of "tribute.

S all former big k-pop stars, from SM Entertainmentrespectively. In Korea, there are K-pop training camps that kids will go and Kpop versus american pop for to join - and everyone knows that. In Western pop, musicians are essentially chosen for their talent, which is cultivated in their own time.

Or, if your one of the non- Korean natives in a group you must take Korean lessons. This gives the groups and solo singers a chance to sing live in front of their fans at least once a week.

Krystal accompanied Jessica to the audition to train under SM Entertainment, and was also selected to be a trainee. I would be shunned and outlasted by all other V. There were several different guys who were "tried out" together to determine what would be the best fit for DBSK.

Japan - and perform and release albums there exclusively for a few years, and then make a "comeback" to Korea with a new Korean album. Seeing as Korean dramas and Korean music have a close relationship with each other. For you see unlike with American pop where the singers rely on the radio Kpop does not.

Not understanding what they are saying is what makes it interesting a lot of the time for us kpop fans but not everyone likes that.

Not so much - Western singers are all expected to have great singing voices, whereas there is less expectation on K-pop idols with great voices. They also have to take lessons in English, Japanese, and Mandarin. Some might say that kpop artists lip sync all the time because of this but that is simply not true.

Though most of time groups will sing on a different live music show each day that there is one.

Kpop Versus American Pop

Now this is just a warning before I go on to what being a fan is like with Kpop music you must be aware that being a fan of Kpop is on a completely different level then what we are use too.

The only example I could think of is Christina Aguilera releasing several of her very early songs in Spanish, to appeal to the growing Hispanic community here in the US.

Super Junior, f xMiss A - they all have at least one Chinese member. Take for example I am a V. Now promoting songs in Kpop is completely a different ball game. You are just as likely to hear "Samsung Family" or "Hyundai Family.

Now here the United States there are few ways to become a famous singer.

Again - this is to appeal to as broad of an audience as possible. Something else that differs with kpop fans is that once you join a fan club of one idol group you better not go and join another idol groups fan club.

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Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. From expectations to how groups are formed, here are the differences between Western pop music and K-pop according to Prince Mak.

Also another way of promoting is by having one of the members in the group have an acting debut and star in a television drama.Jun 06,  · TRY NOT TO SING KPOP CHALLENGE | (Part 1) ARMY and EXO-L Will Not 50+ videos Play all Play now; Mix - K-POP VS POP YouTube; K-POP vs POP With The Same Name Title - Duration: K-pop's girl groups fill the hole in your heart left open by the decline of American girl groups since the late '90s/early aughts.

Is K-Pop better than American pop? Update Cancel. ad by TruthFinder. Have you ever googled yourself? Do a “deep search” instead. For me(it my opinion) yes, I never really like American music as much as kpop, for me kpoppers have more skills and talent, since they been train for many years, also each singers or artists have uniques.

What are the differences between K-pop and Western pop music? Listen to Prince Mak talk about the differences between K-pop and Western pop music at the mark. 3.

What are the differences between K-pop and Western pop music?

Korea is very strategic in its members of pop-groups, in order to appeal to as broad an audience as possible - i.e. China.

Kpop is not and will never be

Increasingly more K-Pop groups coming out these days have at least one member of Chinese descent, as a quick way to appeal to - in order to capitalize on - the massive potential of the Chinese audience.

5 Responses to “Korean Pop Music vs. American Pop” Daisy on October 12th, am I think kpop music is better because it sometimes has a really deep meaning to it like for ex.

Kpop versus american pop
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