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In he was appointed assistant master at Epuni School, Lower Hutt. Unable to manage at Jerusalem any longer, he sought refuge on a small commune in Auckland. Rather, the mythological cast of mind that underpinned his poetry sought to place the individual and the nation within a wider frame by directing attention towards universal elements of human experience.

Problems compounded because he was often away: Oliver and Alistair Campbell. His argument that Curnow misrepresented the state of New Zealand poetry by under-representing younger poets did little to lessen an antipathy his erstwhile champion had developed towards him.

In his son, John, was born and a selection of poems in a collaborative volume, Poems unpleasant, was published. His writing after returning from India was more overtly critical of New Zealand society.

The failure of this mismatch was widely predicted, but the relationship was enduring and highly successful. This period is likely to have influenced his writing providing material for numerous attacks on bureaucracy. He was overwhelmed by the poverty and affected by the experience of being part of an ethnic minority.

A second collection, Cold springremained unpublished until Whereas Archie was a quiet, self-educated man, James k baxter ancestors had been small farmers in the Scottish highlands, Millicent was the strong-minded elder daughter of noted Canterbury College professor John Macmillan Brown.

As a result, he began incorporating Jungian symbolism into his poetic theory and practice. In the family moved to Brighton, and he attended the local primary school. The following year the family travelled to Europe and the boys boarded at another Quaker school, Sibford, in the English Cotswolds.

He also received his BA in He left his University position and a job composing catechetical material for the Catholic Education Boardwith nothing but a bible.

In his short life he produced a huge number of poems, as well as plays, literary criticism, and social and religious commentary.

His poetry, however, was successful: He struggled with alcoholism, but the poems continued to flow. His struggle to dry out was hard on his family, but their situation improved in when he received a substantial legacy with which they purchased a house. It was widely praised and its language showed a directness and clarity not often found in his work in the s.

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He discovered his niche in a cluster of run-down squats in the suburb of Grafton. His father had been a conscientious objector during the First World War. Both the poems — and the prose of Jerusalem daybook — mingle the trivia of daily life at the commune with a highly personal form of religious meditation.

Neither Archie nor Millicent had religious affiliations and their sons were unchristened.

James K. Baxter

He was a member of the so-called " Wellington Group " of writers that also included Louis JohnsonW. By he was too ill to continue living at Jerusalem and moved to a commune near Auckland.

This period would provide his writing with material for numerous attacks on bureaucracy. His infamy made life at Jerusalem complicated, and his indigent and haphazard lifestyle seriously affected his health.

Baxter typically wrote short lyrical poems or cycles of the same rather than longer poems; he failed to complete his course work at the University of Otagodue to increasing alcoholism [1] and was forced to take a range of odd jobs from[1] most notably a cleaner at Chelsea Sugar Refinerywhich inspired the poem "Ballad of the Stonegut Sugar Works".

In he met Jacqueline Cecilia Sturm; she was also a student, and one of few Maori then studying for a degree.Browse through James K Baxter's poems and quotes.

1 poems of James K Baxter. Still I Rise, The Road Not Taken, If You Forget Me, Dreams, Annabel Lee. James K. Baxter: James K. Baxter, poet whose mastery of versification and striking imagery made him one of New Zealand’s major modern poets.

Educated in New Zealand and England, he first published Beyond the Palisade (), which displayed youthful promise. Blow, Wind of Fruitfulness (), superficially a less. James K. Baxter on his postal round. The Baxter family. Millicent and James Baxter.

The Writers' Conference, Christchurch. Baxter reading poems. James Keir Baxter was born on 29 June at Nurse Ross’s maternity home, Dunedin, the second son of Archibald McColl Learmond Baxter, an Otago farmer, and his wife, Millicent.

Learn about James K. Baxter: his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and fresh-air-purifiers.com: Jun 29, This is a powerful, narrative exhibition detailing one of the dark stories of New Zealand's involvement in World War I and specifically the treatment Archibald Baxter (the father of James K Baxter) experienced as a conscientious objector.

James K. Baxter was one of New Zealand's best known and best loved poets. In his short life he produced a huge number of poems, as well as plays, literary criticism, and social and religious commentary.

James k baxter
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