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Funny or not, it is true: On 17 March he was questioned for 8 hours and Anti Corruption officers seized his personal property. Nevertheless, the assessment of the situation to date, carried out by a group of journalists from Moldova and Ukraine, shows that the market of gas in both countries still has some problems, and carries the risk of corruption.

This fee was included inwhen the airport contracted loans from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and the European Investment Bank. Sorry about that, the world outside the window was more attractive to the editor that the news in Moldova.

The main beneficiary of the electoral campaign held this autumn fall is the first deputy-chairman of the Democratic Party, owner of 4 TV channels.

We tried to find out who are the authors of the leasing contract. Let God sort it out. We will come with more details in another investigation.

Controversial visit: Guilty of $1billion theft, Ilan Shor, made a visit to the European Parliament

Although 5 European companies with experience in airport activity were invited to participate in the contest, the competition commission chose an anonymous company, founded by an airport in Russia and a Russian factory of locomotives production, which ceded the "business" to an off-shore.

Protests of the opposition continue: Angela Susanu, deputy director of APP, who has signed the leasing contract, refused ilan shor business plan talk with us.

On November 26, the banks went bankrupt and were later placed under special administration of the National Bank of Moldova.

The Liberal-Democratic caucus in the Moldovan Parliament and one Liberal, MP Lilian Carp, asked the Constitutional Court to give its opinion on whether courts can issue decisions on electoral frauds when there are no legal provisions on a specific type of frauds, and whether courts can annul election results if they are not asked to.

Yes, he has money, they say he lent [Vlad] Filat money. By summer current year, the company did not deliver any bitumen. He became a key person of interest for the National Anticorruption Centre and the Anticorruption Prosecution Office when the Bureau suffered 30 million leu damages.

The official reply received from the Ministry of Economy wrote that the committee that drafted the text included representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Transportation, and Ministry of Constructions and of Public Property Agency APP without showing their names.

The information is now confirmed by recent acts, which came into our possession, demonstrating that Moldtelecom continues to buy from Vezi mai Mult Previous article on the same topic Next to the same topic The stories from www.

The authors of the report recommend the respective authorities to: The report documents how companies tied to Shor gradually took control of the banks and then allegedly issued massive loans to affiliated companies.

Moldovan Jews slam ‘hate speech’ after tirade against convicted Jewish mayor

Infamous banker, businessman, and Orhei mayor, Ilan Shor, gathered his supporters this week in front of the office of PAS party. The money collected from thousands of sponsors: Investments in advance There are questions related to the investments made in the Airport.

I voted for him because he has money. The official is hiding behind his former father- in-law from Leova. Over the past year, it became almost impossible to find anyone in town who would criticise Shor.

Another contract provides 48 months for the commissioning of the construction works. All this happened while in Chisinau, at the request of Prime Minister Valeriu Strelet, there was created a working group to seek solutions for terminating the leasing agreement of the airport.

Todua reminds me that scandal has trailed Shor for the last few years. About 40 per cent of electoral funds of the 12 candidates were paid to the accounts Vezi mai Mult Ukraine-Moldova-Transnistria: Dmitry Kozak is known for his role as a special envoy to Moldova in early s on the Transnistrian issue.

Israeli-born billionaire accused in Moldova scheme to stay under house arrest

He was elected, because people wanted something to change. In just a week, on October 6, the off-shore controlling "Avia Invest" changed its mind and announced the termination of the action of delisting. Developing Efficient and Productive Infrastructure 5.

Businessman jailed for role in $1 billion bank fraud

I insist on the possibility that Shor could be a thief. Nevertheless, the small producers will not benefit of this situation, because they are compelled to sell their grains to a derisory price. Also, we called the phone numbers of the company from Russia, managed by Titenia, nobody answered.

He has reported in an interview that he started his own business at 13 in a mobile phone shop. From the central rostrum of Parliament, the CNA director suggests that money stolen from BEM is laundered at the Airport, but the officials from the Center who investigate the case wait for answers from Russia.

One of the companies approved to make checks in is that of Ion Prisacaru, head of the State Tax Inspectorate STI and other companies related to former employees of Finance Ministry.

Shor was born in in Tel-Aviv, the third child in his family. Getting back to politics, the woman lowers her voices and grows thoughtful. More details and pictures in our article:Shor, who was a senior bank executive at the time, was found guilty of causing financial damage of $ billion linked to the scandal.

He denies any wrongdoing; his appeal is pending in the Supreme Court. Ilan Shor was sentenced to years in prison for particularly large scammers and money laundering in connection with the "theft of the billion" and the devaluation of Banca de Economii, of which he is a former administrator.

Ilan Shor was born in Tel Aviv, Israel on 6 Marchthe son of Miron Shor and his wife, Moldovan Jews from Chișinău who had moved to Israel in the late s. The family returned to Chișinău aroundwhen Shor was either two or three years old, and his father went into business in fresh-air-purifiers.comcal party: Republican Socio-Political Movement Equality.

Shor, who is married to Russian pop star Jasmin but likes to stay out of the public eye, was born in Tel Aviv and moved to Moldova as a toddler. His father, Miron Shor, started the Dufremol business, which opened Moldova’s first duty-free shops in CHISINAU - A Moldovan court sentenced businessman Ilan Shor to seven and a half years in prison on Wednesday for his role in a $1 billion banking scandal that nearly bankrupted the tiny former Soviet republic two years ago.

Off-SHOR Airport via Russia Investments from Chisinau International Airport, leased to a British offshore go to companies close to businessman Ilan Shor, Chairman of the Boarding Council of the "Avia Invest".

Ilan shor business plan
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