Good student more important successful education than have

A man in Philadelphia talked about sales: Inpeople in focus groups frequently talked of the problem of over-education, complete with stories about Ph. By way of conclusion, I would like to reaffirm the viewpoint that successful students essentially rely on themselves rather than their interim teachers albeit the pivotal of their masters to some extent.

As a woman in our focus group in Old Bridge, New Jersey, said: The future market is going to be asking for that. The market demands it.

A certain percentage of these college graduates are going to be running this country. Further even more importantly, though, students inevitably need to enhance their independent working ability being apart from their teachers.

These parents dispelled the notion that as immigrants, or children of immigrants, they were unaware of the importance of college education in American society. A Gap Between Aspiration and Participation The emphasis that parents place on higher education becomes even more striking when we compare it to the actual participation rates of the various groups.

As the following focus group comments suggest, however, when people think of higher education, they are most concerned with what happens to recent high school graduates.

It did open doors.

As Table 5 shows, participation in higher education is lowest among Hispanics, somewhat higher among African Americans and highest among whites.

They know that people of all ages enroll in higher education, and many spoke with pride of their own achievements as adult learners and even of the achievements of their parents.

The findings from this study seem conclusively to eliminate this last reason. Several in our focus groups reflected on the difference a college education -- or the lack of one -- had made in their own lives, while others spoke of the impact of higher education on the lives of their children.

It is also sometimes suggested that members of these minority groups, compared to other populations, do not place as high a value on higher education. Some have argued that higher rates of poverty in these groups make access to higher education more difficult; others suggest that predominantly black or Hispanic high schools are less successful in preparing students for college work.

In effect, the public believes that providing people with opportunities for higher education is the way American society promotes social mobility. Several of our respondents spontaneously expressed concern that young people might be shortchanging themselves by taking high-paying jobs without getting the education they will need for the rest of their lives.

As one father in the group said:Good manners are more important than good grades when it comes to being successful at work, Tatler boss tells girls Tatler editor Kate Reardon, 46, was speaking at Westonbirt School for Girls. Good teachers have a good qualifications and subject knowledge; they are organised, energetic and have empathy and good communication skills.

This is obviously important for good education.

However, it is really the diligence and intelligence of the student that determines whether learning will be successful or not. History has witnessed that most of the successful people in world have not been so good with their education. But that doesn't mean education is not important. And that also does not mean that every educated individual is successful.

Successful tertiary education, apparently, lays foundation for the future career of each student. On the one hand, as an argument goes, it is more important to be a good student than to have good teachers.

Others, on the other hand, think differently. 3/5(1). Higher education is perceived as extremely important, and for most people a college education has become the necessary admission ticket to good jobs and a middle-class lifestyle.

Parents of high school students place especially high importance on a college education, and African American and Hispanic parents give college an even higher.

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There is no doubt that there are variety of different perspectives on the question whether it is true that it is more salient and effective course of action to be an independently good student so as To be successful in aducation it is more important to b a good student than to have good teachers.

Good student more important successful education than have
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