Gap in pay due to gender essay

This being the case a gap in the earnings between men and women would put the families supported wholly by women in a poorer state in terms of nutrition, living conditions and reduced opportunities for their children.

This decrease has been attributed to decrease in labor market discrimination against women but this discrimination persists. These include difference in characteristics that men and women bring to their occupations, different characteristics of the jobs in which women and men work and also the discriminatory behavior towards women by their employers and co-workers.

All these factors demonstrate that there requires more effort than just women moving to male dominated careers to close the gap in waged between men and women. The highest-paid male made 40 percent more than she did. This therefore brings the conclusion that as more women enter a certain profession it will result to this occupation being undervalued and therefore less and les pay and the opposite is true for the jobs that attract more and more men Gender and Society, Some contend the disparity can largely be explained by occupational differences between women and men, variations in work experience, number of hours worked each year and other such things.

Human capital theory is based on the assumptions that the economic system is just and competitive for both men and women and the gap in earnings is as a result of individual characteristics the worker display in their jobs. A particularly depressing example is the well-publicized evidence of sexism in the tech industry Hewlett et al.

Exceptions certainly exist, particularly in the civil service or in unionized workplaces Anderson, Hegewisch, and Hayes This may not be the intention of employers but it the difference in earnings between men and women still exist Goldin, It is clear why this disadvantages women.

Gender discrimination in occupations has decreased and women have moved to traditionally male dominated jobs. Example women who are on child bearing age and have family responsibilities are disadvantaged when it comes to their earning power.

Download image These decisions to allow doors to lucrative job opportunities to close do not take place in a vacuum. Part of the reason is because they are discriminated against in the job.

This should require then to set minimum standards for equal treatment within the country in terms of racial equality and employment equality Kivel, An example is where statistics show women have higher turn over rates than men; they should higher a male candidate as the female candidate is likely to leave the company.

Levanon, England, and Allison found that when more women entered an industry, the relative pay of that industry 10 years later was lower. Women showed a huge interest in professions such as administrative support, sales, service occupations while men seemed to prefer construction, maintenance and repair, and production and transportation occupations.

Elise Gould, senior economist, joined EPI in Research shows that the gap in earnings between men and women who work an ordinary week of 40 hours are different.

Gender Pay Gap

The federal government should also make a directive to state governments to adopt laws that will guarantee better protection of cultural communities against bias. Many factors might make it difficult for a young woman to see herself working in computer science or a similarly remunerative field.

The gender wage gap have decreased but not fully wiped out. This can make it particularly difficult for them relative to their male peers to be available at the drop of a hat on a Sunday evening after working a hour week.

In another report Goldin,says that naturally men and women differ in their jobs and also in their responsibilities at home for their families and children and also spouses. These he says men have more than women, which propels them to industries and occupation that pay better.

The Gender Wage Gap: This is discriminatory since hiring decision should be based on individual not presumptions about gender.

However not everybody agrees that the wage gap between men and women is due to discrimination against women.Gender Gap In Pay Words | 7 Pages. Introduction Gender Pay Gap also referred to as Gender wage gap, gender income difference or male-female income difference refers to the difference between the earning of men and women (Victoria, ).

“Women’s work” and the gender pay gap: How discrimination, societal norms, and other forces affect women’s occupational choices—and their pay.

Report • By Jessica Schieder and Elise Gould • July 20, Download PDF. Economic Policy Institute. The gender pay gap refers to the difference in the men’s and women’s median yearly earnings presented as the earnings ratio between men and women working full time year round (FTYR) or the actual pay gap as Weichselbaumer & Ebmer, ()outlines.

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The gender pay gap refers to the differences in average hourly earnings between male and female employees. In labour economics the understanding of the gender wage gap has relied on two conventional principles - the human capital and labour market discrimination theories.

The news on gender discrimination in pay is not all bad. The wage gap has narrowed considerably in recent decades. For example, Labor Department data show that for to year-olds, the earnings ratio of women to men rose from 58 percent in to 77 percent in I.

Review of LiteratureWhile there has been significant progress made towards bridging the gap in gender pay, there is still much work to be done.

Within the peer review articles there is also information alluding to the fact that the gap in gender pay could also be attributed 5/5(1).

Gap in pay due to gender essay
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