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From the meat and dairy products up to fruits and vegetables, everything inside in the supermarket is now being mass produced.

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The descriptive words used in this documentary give me chills for the realities of the food industry.

This marketing method gives the consumers a false image of how and what is behind the production of such items. The documentary outlines the procedures taken to process the food that surrounds us, with the aim to expose and change the basis, footprints, and corruption behind this process.

What is even more interesting to point out is that these products are not properly labeled by the companies. The images shown in the documentary only goes to show that there is so much injustice and deception that happens behind the methods of producing these products.

The documentary Food Inc.

This documentary also shows the workers and farmers, most of which are afraid to talk the crew in fear of losing everything, who admit they have very little control over their farms and the business.

He shows the unethical methods used by food industries in order to maximize profit. Kenner describing the situation of Kevin is the perfect example of what could potentially result from taking part in our food industry.

The certain scenes with imagery that had gotten to me were the living conditions of the chickens, how much manure is on the cows, and the condition of the workers in the Smithfield slaughterhouse. Instead of blindly accepting what the food conglomerate hands us, we must learn how to question and demand for something better.

By using pathos, exemplification, and imagery, Kenner proves his argument valid. Kevin had gotten his infection from a cow that was infected with the E. Another technique used by Kenner is the illumination of truth of how these food industries have corrupted the government as well as the farmers to their advantage.

Throughout the documentary Kenner covers the basis of how these products are manufactured through many techniques. I also realized that not every product that is advertised on television and in newspapers is healthy for me. I also came to realization that I have a choice.

For example, the Tyson farms were raising their chickens in horrible farmhouses. The film likewise showed the cruel practices of this labor when it comes to slaughtering the animals. So they will sell you this dream that everything is farm raised, when in reality their feeding cows corn that produces infections, giving chickens hormone injections to speed up growth process.

The Reliable and Affordable Essay Writing Services I found out that the reason why some products are continuously being sold in the market despite its harmful effects is that the people who sell these products to consumers like me are very powerful.

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I have studied their eating pattern and came to the conclusion that the food they eat is contributing to their present state of health. Cows are likewise fed with corn despite the fact that this is not their natural food.

Order now Food Inc. Moreover, there is no price tag to living a healthy life. Illegal Mexican immigrants are employed as workers for the primary reason that their labor cost is cheap and that the company need not spend on benefits.

Food Inc Essay

Coli develops in corn-fed cows. This appeals to emotion creating a sort of melancholy effect on the viewer because no one could ever imagine the death of a young boy who seemed so happy and healthy.

This says a lot; people do want quality produced food. Along with the dark farmhouses, there is an overpopulation of chickens, which can cause diseases to be spread much faster and cause the chickens to be much dirtier. They can choose to eat healthy.

He uses real life experiences and facts to open the eyes of his viewers and is successful in doing so. Robert Kenner developed a successful documentary with proper evidence to his claim that food can be unsafe to eat nowadays, and that by creating this food is harming the health of the animals and humans involved in the process.

Corn can be broken down and be reassembled into many different products such as high fructose corn syrup, maltodextrin, di-glycerides, etc. Since the demand for food is so high, chicken companies such as Tyson are mass-producing their chickens at such a fast rate and are being grown as food rather than animals.

One of the main techniques used in this piece is correspondence about how the products are truly made. At present, I plan to try reducing my intake of meat and instead eat more organic products such as salad.Food is an essential part of our lives - Food Inc Essay introduction.

We consume it every day and absolutely need it to live and thrive successfully. With something so significant to us, why should we risk the source of where our food comes from? Robert Kenner created a powerhouse documentary film called Food Inc. Food, Inc. is a documentary film that examines the industrial production of meat and how it is economically unsustainable.

Capitalism affects the food industry discussed in Food, Inc. by altering supplies and demand of meat products and.

Food, Inc is a film that lets people in on the food production in American. The film opens up in a grocery store, which has pictures of farmers giving you the idea that the food you are going to purchase is farm raised. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Food Inc.

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It describes the way cattle and chickens are raised before being slaughtered, sold, and packaged/5(1).

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