Firefighters are heroes

The first thing I saw was dozens of fire engines, around which firefighters were sitting, on the floor, eating food that locals had brought for them.

Or because they wanted to save the lives of strangers? While the rest of us were talking about the tragedy and apportioning blame, Firefighters are heroes heroes had been walking up dozens of flights of stairs wearing 15kg of uniform and carrying 20kg or more of equipment. Importantly for me, he told me to ask my elderly parents to ring their local fire station to arrange a home visit so that my parents could be advised on their fire evacuation procedures.

To somehow suggest that the Grenfell Firefighters are heroes told families to stay in their homes because they wanted them to burn to death is unbefitting of any person who has any sense of dignity or honour.

I was expecting him to tell me about a horrific fire, or having to rescue a child from a burning tower.

The Grenfell firefighters are heroes. They don’t deserve a trial by media

In the split seconds they have to make snap life-and-death decisions, they can sometimes make the wrong decisions. So I stepped back and let one of my white colleagues pick up the woman and take her out of the house.

My story and why I was prison can be read here. More people died because of the fault of the firefighters…. During the last week of Ramadan, I received an amazing WhatsApp message.

While test driving the car I was asking him about his job and about what were some of the most shocking things that he had encountered during his work. We would probably spend more time with the officers than they would spend with their own families.

Later on the same day as the Grenfell fire, I visited the scene. When things go wrong, everyone blames them. He told me that every home must have smoke alarms fitted outside kitchens and heat alarms fitted inside kitchens. A group of young Muslim women in south London came up with the idea for Muslims everywhere in the UK to deliver a hamper of food to their local fire stations with a thank you note.

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Instead, he told me this. Humans are always more horrific than fires. Some of them even took off their breathing apparatus, against orders from their superiors, so that they could move quicker through the building and save more people. Their fiery tongues can burn down many more things than fires can.

People frequently die because they cannot find the keys to their doors or windows to get out. Some of the firefighters have been reduced to tears at this touching gesture.

Kevin told me about the heavy fireproof uniform that firefighters had to wear. Since the recent Grenfell Tower fire tragedy, I have felt saddened at the blame that has been dished out at the firefighters who attended the fire.

With no one else to talk to, we would talk to the officers. In the suggested thank you note was a reference to the Quranic verse: I can understand grieving families lashing out at everyone and anyone to try and deal with the trauma that they have just suffered.

Empty pizza boxes, Tesco sandwiches and lots and lots of water bottles. But several of them were decent people with whom one could have deep, meaningful conversations.

He told me that it is crucial that every family and every home have fire evacuation procedures and practice drills. These are the words a black firefighter said to me when I bought a car from him many years ago. Why should anyone thank them? Why did they do this?

Firefighters Honor Fallen 9/11 Heroes With 110 Flight Climb

One only has to see the images of firefighters sitting outside the Grenfell Tower crying their eyes out, to see whether they are unemotional robots or real people with real feelings for the people that they are trying to save. When I was detained in small group isolation in the Detainee Unit at HM Prison Long Lartin for five years, there was a ratio of seven of us detainees to four officers in a small confined unit.

Supporting the fire services community for 75 years

In some cases, the families delivering the hampers have been invited into the stations for up to two hours, children sitting in the fire engines, etc. It certainly passed the time better than watching television or staring at the walls. Image courtesy of Daily Star. Those errors haunt them. The local firefighters visited my parents house and even fitted a few free smoke alarms for them, much to my reassurance.

The response from the firefighters has been phenomenal. He told me how most people in a fire die not of burning, but of smoke inhalation.From our roots supporting bereaved families of firefighters killed during the Blitz, to a modern day service that provides life enhancing health and wellbeing support to the whole fire community, we are proud to support our everyday firefighting heroes.

One only has to see the images of firefighters sitting outside the Grenfell Tower crying their eyes out, to see whether they are unemotional robots or real people with real feelings for the people that they are trying to save. The firefighters who were given a round of applause by the Grenfell community as they returned back to their fire stations are now facing trial by the media.

It is both disgraceful and heartbreaking. Firefighter Heroes The firefighter heroes topic covers articles and recent news about firefighters that go above and beyond the call of duty. Full list of Firefighter Heroes results. Firefighters are considered heroes because we will run toward a situation that everyone else is (sensibly) running away from.

While we try our best to minimize the danger to ourselves and others, there is still a risk to what we do. Whether it be. Firefighters deserve more praise than they receive.

Firefighters Pay Tribute To 9/11 Heroes By Climbing 110 Flights Of Stairs

If you know one of these unsung heroes, take time to thank them. Share this article to honor all of the brave firefighters in our country; every time they are on the job, they are risking their lives for you.

Firefighters are heroes
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