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Short essay on Corruption in Pakistan

The politicians themselves are corrupt and are only willing to fill their pockets rather than to solve the various problems Pakistan faces. The police supposedly have a common ill in the underdeveloped world.

No matter, how rigorous the internal controls or anti-corruption mechanism, there is always a probability that an evil-genius might find a way to circumvent the procedures.

During the military government, former Prime Minister Bhutto was indicted and convicted on corruption charges at home in April and abroad in Switzerland in July The internecine squabbling of the political lot and turf war to seize power was a corruption in itself. Real demand and supply factors have negligible role in shaping the marked behaviour, which predominantly controlled by the middleman or speculators.

Had there been an educated country, the situation would have been much different. Corruption evolves as a result of evasion of ethical and religious norms. Corruption in Government Corruption is rising in Pakistan society and now it is a bitter reality.

Corruption in Pakistan Essay

You Find this Article By: InPakistan ranked on the index with 42 countries ranking worse. Under the provisions of NRO, the civil servants, politicians and major industrialists were given a safe passage to escape from all the charges of corruption and made them free of any sin.

It is true that they do not have any other way to fulfill their wants. Teachers and lecturers are appointed through family connections, without qualifications. The government increases pay at once in a year, however, the prices of consumer goods soar on the daily basis.

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In India Anna Hazare thrust on his government to accept his demands regarding the anti-corruption law bill, but Pakistan still waits for its Anna Hazare to stand up. The direct impact of corruption in Pakistan could be witnessed in the rise of food commodities, which according to the Federal Bureau of Statistics, had increased up to percents in the last one year.

Therefore, the corruption may be eradicated on adherence to Islamic teaching. The number, powers and jurisdiction of accountability courts needs to be enhanced. The executing agency, the National Accountability Bureau NABwas endowed with comprehensive powers to investigate and prosecute cases.

Hussain was thus unceremoniously ousted and none of his successors were willing to take up the cause. One of the major reason of corruption is lack of effective measures or compliance system in Pakistan.

According to the organization Global Integrity appointments in the police force are often based on political considerations.Pakistan is being ranked constantly poor at the Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index. It scores in Init scored and in out of InPakistan ranked on the index with 42 countries ranking worse.

Corruption Hurting Economy of Pakistan Corruption is the root cause of declining economy rate in Pakistan. It is not only the problem of Pakistan, it is widespread throughout the country, but the degree of corruption is different in many countries. Does Corruption Impede Economic Growth In Pakistan Economics Essay.

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Pakistan is a case nothing new when it comes to the competing definitions of corruption. Kamran Shafi () and Hassan Askari Rizvi () have mentioned about the corrupt practices in the country in a comprehensive manner, writing in particular about the different forms of corruption that are present in Pakistan.

Essay writing on corruption in pakistan
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