Essay on the power of public opinion

A democracy cannot exist if people do not voice their feelings, and if only some do, you do not really have a democracy at all. Change in public opinion can be introduced by responsible adult citizens for the welfare of the country.

Public Opinion and Democracy

Public opinion plays a crucial role in a democracy. The press enjoys immense power and therefore it should not misuse them. Newspapers have usually bigger coverage than Radio and TV.

An Essay on Public Opinion

Abolition of zamindari system in many states of India, is a glaring example of how motive helps in the formation of public opinion. If daily large number of letters are written against the functioning of a Govt.

The democratic problem said the well-known commentator Lindsay, "is the control of the organization of power by the common man. The American sociologist Herbert Blumer has proposed an altogether different conception of the "public. Public opinion polls have shown that common people do make good decisions.

The public opinion towards females, towards scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other disadvantaged people in the society arc determined by socio-cultural conditioning.

During face to face interview one can know how, why and when a particular public opinion was formed. In their study, such a model diverges from the prior paradigm of the "two-step" process.

As urban people are, by and large, more educated than the rural people, they do not easily form a public opinion unless convinced themselves.

Electronic medias, therefore, not only help in the formation of a large percentage of public opinion they also play effective role in changing public opinion. In the formation of public opinion, education and imitation have their respective roles to play.

By going through the letters of the public to editors of daily newspapers and magazines one can have some idea about the public opinion.

According to Kimball Young public opinion consists of opinions held by a public at a certain time. In a number of western countries, there are gallop polls from time to time to know the opinion of the people on important issues facing the nation.

610 Words Essay on public opinion: its role in a democracy

Democracy is a government of the people, for the people and by the people. One popular example may be public opinion for a particular political party is changed after years in favour of another party if people are not satisfied with the functioning and performance of the former party.

They are also less costly, easily available everywhere and an economically disadvantaged person can afford to buy a newspaper. Public opinion should be considered as an organic process and not merely a state of agreement about some questions and issues of the day.

No welfare programme can be successful unless it is accepted by people and for this acceptance formation of publication is imperative. They not only ventilate public grievances but also try to voice the feelings, and view of the people.

Methods of Measuring Public Opinion: This is called yellow journalism. If the purpose is to predict an election, the sample should consist all the eligible voters, selected at random and interviews are also to be made on this sample.

The public opinion towards working women or middle class women going outside for work has undergone a major change within the last years. Thus, a public opinion to abolish zamindari system started in the form of a revolution.

Instead it should exercise those powers in forming a healthy atmosphere by dint of a healthy public opinion. Western countries, Doordarshan in India, BBC and other private TV companies use this technique today as it is a simple and easy procedure of opinion poll and data can be collected from a large number of people within a very short span of time.

Hence, they can be easily misguided. Hence the views of the people on various issues play a crucial role in determining the nature of government. It is seen that the various methods or guides to public opinion have pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages.

As a matter of fact, formation of correct and reliable public opinion is essential for the success of democracy.

Essay on Public Opinion

It has been seen that some newspapers use fiery language and give hot headlines in words to attract the attention of the masses. Otherwise it will not spread and sustain.

In the third stage, alternative proposals for the solution of the problem are put forward.

Public opinion

The purpose of public opinion poll is to give reports of public thinking on the various problems confronting the society. Since it is not possible on the part of people of different parts of a state, country or nation to come in direct contact with each other, newspapers play a very strong role in the formation of public opinion.Apr 21,  · Professionals in politics are ambitious to be re-elected and they are astute observers of public opinion movements.

In this essay we will discuss about Public Opinion. After reading this essay you will learn about: 1. Meaning of Public Opinion 2. Definition of Public Opinion 3. Public opinion is the opinion which the people in Words Essay on public opinion: which in turn depends on people's opinion of its work when it was in power.

William Temple in his essay ofHe opined that public opinion had the power to ensure that rulers would rule for the greatest happiness of the greater number. In a democratic country public opinion is of the An Essay on Public Opinion. ignorant and are usually moved by their feeling and not by their power of.

Democracy is a government of the people, for the people and by the people. Popular opinion plays a significant role in the government. The power of opinion manifests itself not only in politics.

Essay on the power of public opinion
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