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In this point, even if they are in the middle of American culture, which is a dominant culture in this movie, they have maintained their own culture in their own ways. Some ways of losing face have to do with basic violations of civilized behavior Goldsmith, p.

The major conflict in this movie came out after she met him. In class, we learned that there are guidelines that one should follow in order to help prevent conflict or help solve it. This argument is started because they both have different things they want.

The first topic that is found in the movie that was taught in class is conflict. At this time, she meets a perfect guy who is American.

However, one might not know about the guidelines people can follow in order to prevent the conflict from getting worse, or to prevent an argument entirely. During the time that I was watching the movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I realized myself grasping onto what was going on and being able to relate certain scenes and situations to topics I had previously learned about.

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Her mother on the other hand, feels that Toula should go to school if that is what she wants. Orders, requests, advice, and warnings threaten negative face while criticism, complaints, or disagreement threaten positive Goldsmith, p.

Second, this movie demonstrated the culture difference and cultural oppression. Here are the reasons why I thought of many those concepts.

The guidelines include clarifying goals, helping others save face, using constructive criticism skills, using empathic listening skills, monitoring nonverbal behavior, remembering positive aspects of relationships, knowing when to calm down, and over learning skills that might help.

My knowledge of these concepts was challenged when asked to relate these notions to a movie. The second topic that is portrayed in the movie is the politeness theory. So, Tula was illustrated adjusting in American culture was hard, avoiding other American girls.

Negative face is the want to be unimpeded, to have certain rights not to be impeded by respect. However, she met a perfect American guy who is Ian.

During the movie, I found that these concepts that were taught in class helped me better understand and relate to certain clips of the movie. At the start of this movie, it illustrated how this girl had grown up in America.

This, of course, is disturbing to her family since they are so proud about their culture, and do not really know anything different.

Throughout the movie, Toula overcomes inner struggles to find her own identity, and she overcomes struggles with her family. Interactions in My Big Fat Greek Wedding display concepts of conflict and politeness theory, which can be pointed out in a few specific scenes.

Erving Goffman, a sociologist, defined face as "the positive social value a person effectively claims for himself [or herself] by the line others assume he [or she] has taken during a particular contact.

So, they forced to be baptized in the church to become a Greek. Her whole life, Toula has been instilled with a very traditional Greek outlook on life. There are also two aspects of face to which are negative face and positive face.

Conflict was displayed in two specific scenes of the movie. Throughout their argument, neither of the two used any of the guidelines for conflict that we had learned about. Even if now she is in her early thirties, her mother and father want to find a husband in hoping of sending her to Greece.

Many conflicts are started because people have different conversational styles. Losing or saving face has to do with our ability to stay in character and behave in a way that fits with expectations for our role.

She has been expected to do three things: Throughout the rest of the paper, I will be going into a bit more detail about exactly what these concepts are and mean, following that I will be giving examples from the movie that demonstrate the concepts of conflict and politeness theory.

For example, dominant culture, a minority group, oppression, culture difference, and collectivism. Brown and Levinson are two sociologists who that many actions in our everyday conversations have the potential to threaten face.

Using such guidelines such as clarifying goals or using constructive criticism might have prevented the argument to begin with.

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Perhaps if guidelines were used the argument would not have ended on a bad note. However, her family was different.Music and Movies Essays: My Big Fat Greek Wedding Refletion Paper4/4(1).

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My Big Fat Cross-Cultural Encounters Essay When you come from a different Introduction The movie we chose to review is My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The.

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