English sucks

You use words and not sentences when you answer in English conversation Stop using one word answers when people talk to you. The only way to improve this is by listening to many different point of view stories and by reading English sucks many fiction novels as your can.

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When English sucks look up information make sure it is in English. You only surf on websites in your native language Stop surfing the web in your language.

Most of your friends English is also really poor.

Definition of 'suck'

There are many language exchange sites right now where you can find language exchange partners with other native speakers. You talk in past tense when it should be present tense, and you talk in future tense when it should be past tense.

21 reasons why English sucks.

You start making the same mistakes they do. Only use English dictionaries where the definitions are also written in English. Offer half an hour of speaking in your native language for half an hour speaking in their native language.

Practicing with them makes your English even English sucks. Not only will you improve your English but you will gain more knowledge on your favorite topics. The biggest mistake most English learners make is using a dictionary that translates from their language to English, and from English to their native language.

It will make you think in English which will make you closer to a native English speaker. When you meet new English speakers you always say the same thing.

You spend hours each day reading articles and all kinds of garbage from the internet. Try saying something like. It might be hard at first but soon you will know all the vocabulary and topics to have conversations in that subject.

Remember always split your time with them half and half.

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Start practicing with native English speakers. You watch English movies and TV shows with subtitles in your own language What is the point of watching English TV shows and movies if you spend most of the time reading the subtitles in your own language.

How are you today? Be confident and make sentences. If you like reading about the new cellphone start reading a cell phone blog in English. All your friends English also sucks The problem is you have nobody to really practice English with.

Having the subtitles in English will not only improve your reading but your understanding of the English language. Make sure that it is reading websites and articles in English in the topics of your interest. After that you have a long awkward pause and how no idea what to say next.

Next time you meet a new English speaker ask them about their opinion about something that is currently on your mind. This is where most English speakers make their mistakes. For example if you were going to buy fruit that day tell the English speaker about that experience and what kind of fruit he usually buys when grocery shopping.

They often say English is a hard language because they always mess up their tenses. This is horrible cause it causes to continue thinking in the mind of your native language.

Start with teen fiction novels the vocabulary and stories and easier to comprehend.Sep 10,  · Some very intelligent and helpful people have given you some wonderful answers.

Are you literate in your native language? The sounds of the English language are Status: Open. Sucks definition, to draw into the mouth by producing a partial vacuum by action of the lips and tongue: Collins English Dictionary. Watch the latest videos from 我的英文很爛 My English Sucks.

Definition of 'sucks'

Definition of It sucks in the Idioms Dictionary. It sucks phrase. What does It sucks expression mean?

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Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Learn why your English isn't improving and how to correct it. Learn the eight main reasons why your English sucks.

5, points • comments - 21 reasons why English sucks. - IWSMT has amazing images, videos and anectodes to waste your time on.

English sucks
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