Ch 12 of management managing individuals

Disclosing sexual orientation is the key to explaining work attitudes of lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender employees. All effective leaders are extraverts.

With the passage of a number of laws in the United States prohibiting discrimination against race, color, gender, religion, national origin and age, complaints filed charging discrimination have largely been eliminated.

There is no relationship between height and being viewed as a leader. Research supports the argument that demonstrating both initiating structure and consideration makes leaders more effective. Low power distance societies view an unequal distribution of power as relatively acceptable.

Affirmative action programs are among the most controversial diversity management methods available. Agreeable people who are modest, good-natured and avoid conflict are less likely to be perceived as leaders. Race, age, and attitudes are examples of surface level diversity.

To enhance their cultural intelligence, employees should become experts in one culture. Research suggests that the democratic decision-making style helps satisfy employees and improves decision quality. Servant leaders put their employees first. A more diverse work team produces higher quality decisions because more alternatives are considered.

One of the explanations for the wage gap between men and women is that women pursue occupations that are lower-paying than those pursued by men. Transformational leaders use charisma, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration to influence individuals and create commitment to company goals.

Managing diversity effectively may have different meanings in different cultures. Taking the Pepsi Challenge: When intelligence is measured with a paper and pencil test, its relationship to leadership is a bit weaker than when intelligence is viewed as the perceived intelligence of the leader.

Feminine cultures are more likely to be characterized by a separation of gender roles than masculine cultures. An expatriate is an employee who is temporarily assigned to work in a foreign country. The act of influencing others toward a goal is a.

It is a commonly held stereotype that men are more relationship-oriented than women. Indra Nooyi has proven to be an effective leader for PepsiCo since she took over the firm in One rationale provided for the existence of the glass ceiling for women is that women are viewed as having personality characteristics that are not associated with successful leaders.

Transactional leadership is a more effective form than transformational leadership. In firms pursuing a growth strategy, there is a negative relationship between racial diversity in the firm and company performance.

All employees want a high-quality relationship with their manager. A group with three older males and three younger women will have a strong faultline.

Authoritarian decision makers make decisions alone without necessarily involving employees in the decision making process. People in positions of authority are influential in driving people to ethical behaviors but not unethical behaviors.

If you have a low least preferred coworker rating, it means that you have a people-oriented personality and are able to separate your liking of a person from your ability to work with that person.

Research indicates that groups with strong faultlines can perform well if certain norms are established. Ethical standards held in different societies may emphasize different behaviors as ethical or unethical.Study 67 Ch. 6 - Organizational Strategy flashcards from Katie A.

on StudyBlue. ch. 8 - global management; ch. 7 ch. 12 - managing individuals and diverse. Chapter 12 Managing Individuals and a Chapter 12 2 4 Managing Diversity Diversity Training and Practices Diversity Training and.

Management - Organizational Behavior Ch.

2 age diversity will become increasingly useful in managing the Management - Organizational Behavior Ch. 12.  Modern Management MGT Managing Diverse Workforce Workforce diversity includes the obvious differences we see when we look around: race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation.

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Ch 12 of management managing individuals
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