Book review the zookeeper s wife

Then, able Book review the zookeeper s wife adopt their fighting instinct, she arose as a fearless defender of her kind. It was a labor of love. And some men went to the extreme length of having a medical procedure to reverse their circumcisions.

Many of the animals were taken by a Nazi officer who happened to be in charge of a zoo in Germany. The cruelties of the past remain with us in diverse forms. Her father and stepmother were shot as intelligentsia members during the Russian Revolution.

Warsaw was pummeled, then occupied.

On September 1,the first day of school for Polish children, Antonina and the rest of Warsaw awaken to the sound of planes and bombs. She interviewed the survivors she could find and conducted considerable research to make sure she got the details right.

The effort to save those targeted by the Nazis involved far more than a few heroic individuals. Jan used the zoo as a base for his resistance operations, and Antonina took care of the legal residents, who included her young son, a tiny menagerie of somewhat exotic companion animals, and a revolving cast of eccentric characters, like a noted female Polish sculptor and a man who came with a cat, two parakeets, and a zest for playing Chopin all through the night.

In fact, her over-tight focus on Antonina directly evolves from that perspective: In the early s, Jan and Antonina Zabinski ran the Warsaw Zoo and lived on the premises, tending the animals in the collection and laboring, with love, toward a more humane way of preserving wildlife through natural enclosures.

The inspiration is unmistakable. But it will take courage, and heroism of large and small kinds to keep those flames burning. Wilda Williams - Library Journal.

Maintaining secrecy, however, was always a challenge. How do you retain a spirit of affection and humor in a crazed, homicidal, unpredictable society? There was much more heroism and self-sacrifice than one might have realized previously.

The Zookeeper's Wife

As author of the bestselling A Natural History of the Senses, Ackerman has shown a talent for description of the natural world. There she meets kindhearted, generous individuals who are willing to share whatever they have with those in need of shelter and other essentials.

One of the issues it addresses is that of save-versus-battle, late in season two. Although this is a non-fiction account, it would be easy to forget that fact, and experience reading it as if one were reading a novel. Publishers Weekly The Nazi bombing of Warsaw left its beloved zoo in ruins with many of its animals killed or wounded.

Jessica Chastain plays Antonina in the film - from moviefactsinc.Best-selling naturalist and acclaimed storyteller Diane Ackerman combines extensive research and an exuberant writing style to re-create this fascinating, true-life story―sharing Antonina's life as "the zookeeper's wife," while examining the disturbing obsessions at the core of Nazism/5(2K).

Book Reviews Nature is patient, people and animals fundamentally decent, and the writer, as she always does, outlives the killer—that is the message of The Zookeeper's is an absorbing book, diminished sometimes by the choppy way Ackerman balances Antonina's account with the larger story of the Warsaw Holocaust.

In The Zookeeper’s Wife, naturalist writer Diane Ackerman seamlessly weaves together the memoirs, recollections, stories, and interviews with Jan and Antonina Żabiński to provide her readers.

The Zookeeper's Wife Summary

The Zookeeper’s Wife, a true story set in Warsaw, Poland at the onset of WWII, is both horrifying and endearing on a scale I’ve not experienced in years. Antonina lives with her husband and small son in a villa on the zoo grounds. The Zookeeper's Wife will touch every nerve you have. Dava Sobel, author of The Planets and Galileo's Daughter does one read a book in which the.

Mar 24,  · Watch video · The Zookeeper's Wife tells the account of keepers of the Warsaw Zoo, Antonina and Jan Zabinski, who helped save hundreds of 7/10(K).

Book review the zookeeper s wife
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