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Another reason you will not be prepared to pass comps or complete your dissertation is because students are not prepared for the rigor of completing their dissertation during the coursework phase. Management has told me they are fully aware of the problem but do not care -- after all NCU is about profit.

Few faculty members graduated from state colleges either. Faculty is supposed to provide you feedback on your work and instill in you what you need to do to improve on your next assignment. NCU has earned a bad reputation among many employers. But a focus on revenue generation, easy enrollment, and retention are not main reasons to shun NCU and select a more reputable university.

The mistake had continued for five years — in an accounting class where the instructors are supposed to be detail oriented and able to add. I taught a doctoral level accounting course where the total points a student could earn Attention grabbers essays powerpoint five points less than the NCU requirement.

I am familiar with 8 instances where employers refused to accept candidates who hold NCU degrees. You will be treated as a revenue source not as a student. I personally know of 12 instructors who teach courses where they have zero academic or practical training in the subject.

NCU is a for profit business owned by a private equity firm. Many NCU courses are using course materials that are outdated, irrelevant to the subject, and or do not provide the student with a base of knowledge to successfully complete the weekly assignment.

Although the Teaching Through Feedback method is part of instructor training, few instructors adhere to the teaching method and do not give useful and actionable feedback.

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Most are private institutions that are about making money rather than providing a quality education. Most course content in the business programs are not even appropriate for the specific degree program. Yes - No 14 of 17 people found the following review helpful 9 Northcentral University NCU is one such case.

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No instructor noticed or bothered to report the discrepancy until I came along. Although NCU markets that all faculty hold doctorates, faculty are assigned courses where they have limited professional experience and little or no academic qualifications.

The reason most students want to obtain a degree is to get a better job.

In most cases you will not be able to successfully complete comps, as you have not been properly prepared by your prior course work.

Most of the faculty from NCU graduated from inferior schools. Each course is set up so students can earn a maximum of points. However, not all online schools are alike.

Most courses are poorly designed, likely because the course designers are not subject matter experts either academically or through work experience.

Rampant grade inflation ends when you enter the comprehensive exam comps phase. Most faculty members come from other online universities and degree mills. The challenge is no value exists to a NCU degree in private industry. For high enrollment, NCU will admit anyone with the required degree for the graduate program even if they cannot write a grammatically correct sentence.


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Attention grabbers essays powerpoint
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