Application of nanotechnology in the sports

Gao, Xun Sheng Zhu Abstract: See the Current Nanotechnology Applications section below for more information. There is still much research being done on this self-changing camouflage.

Nanomaterials will make the development of acupuncture possess an unprecedented domain. Related to improved particle packing, high energy milling of ordinary Portland cement OPC clinker and standard sand, produces a greater particle size diminution with respect to conventional OPC and, as a result, the compressive strength of the refined material is also 3 to 6 times higher at different ages.

The traditional chemical UV protection approach suffers from its poor long-term stability. Nanotechnology and Sports Nanotechnology is presently used to produce a variety of consumer products. Various companies are coming up Application of nanotechnology in the sports more innovative ideas to implement nanotechnology for improving sports equipment even further.

Foods[ edit ] A complex set of engineering and scientific challenges in the food and bioprocessing industry for manufacturing high quality and safe food through efficient and sustainable means can be solved through nanotechnology. Many believe, that due to their small size and high reactivity, nanoparticles would easily leach out, causing respiratory problems and cancer, much like asbestos has in the past.

A nanocomposite coating process could improve food packaging by placing anti-microbial agents directly on the surface of the coated film. Some developers have speculated that building functionality onto lignocellulosic surfaces at the nanoscale could open new opportunities for such things as self-sterilizing surfaces, internal self-repair, and electronic lignocellulosic devices.

The day when this technology slashes the consumption of structural steel has not yet been contemplated. Bo Zhao, Yan Wu, C. Current steel designs are based on the reduction in the allowable stress, service life or regular inspection regime.

Nanotechnology can improve thermal camouflage. The studies showed that the different fish in the study suffered from varying degrees of brain damage. Nanoceramic particles have improved the smoothness and heat resistance of common household equipment such as the flat iron.

Product Development and Accessibility A Number of sporting companies offer nano-enhanced equipment. Currently, however, research in these areas appears limited. Most of the sporting products, enhanced with nanotechnology are sold at upper end price in the market that makes them widely inaccessible for every sportsperson.

The systems would be able to react to medical situations by releasing drugs or compressing wounds as necessary. In recent times, the sports equipment industry has emerged as a sophisticated yet commercially viable hi-tech industry where advances have revolutionized sports.

Increasing the strength of tennis racquets by adding nanotubes to the frames which increases control and power when you hit the ball. However, one of the advancements made by the study of concrete at the nanoscale is that particle packing in concrete can be improved by using nano-silica which leads to a densifying of the micro and nanostructure resulting in improved mechanical properties.

Nanotechnology Application in Sports

The addition of copper nanoparticles reduces the surface un-evenness of steel, which then limits the number of stress risers and hence fatigue cracking.

Does this technology give athletes a competitive edge?

Development and Application of Nanotechnology in Sports

Although brain damage would be a serious negative effect, the studies also say that the results cannot be taken as an accurate example of what would happen to soldiers if nanoparticles entered their bodies.

Nanotechnology has been used to integrate tiny carbon particles membrane and guarantee full-surface protection from electrostatic charges for the wearer. By reducing the force of the impact, the nanoparticles protect the soldier wearing the uniform from any injury the impact could have caused.

Also, manufacturers will have to get new machines to produce nano-enhanced sporting goods. The biggest share of this market is the segment of ball sports equipment having Disadvantages to Nanotechnology Tech-Doping: The coatings should have self healing capabilities through a process of "self-assembly".

Minor league baseball players Cost: The TiO2 coating captures and breaks down organic and inorganic air pollutants by a photocatalytic process, which leads to putting roads to good environmental use.

Nanocomposites could increase or decrease gas permeability of different fillers as is needed for different products. With the continuous development of Electronic Warfare Technology ECM and new requirements of military modernization, stealthy technology played an important role in military equipment.

This nanoparticle addition leads to an increase in weld strength. Various international sports federations decide whether to permit a nanotechnology-incorporated innovative sports equipment line or not. The grinding chips with and without ultrasonic vibration assistance were discussed. SNPs also impart flexibility control for skiing, allowing much slicker rides and turns.

During the Olympics numerous records were broken by athletes wearing the new LZR Racer swim suits. So the light and heat entering the building through glass has to be prevented.Download Citation on ResearchGate | Nanotechnology Application in Sports | Nanotechnology have wildly been applied in sports engineering, such as sports stadiums, field turf, racks, sports-wear.

Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering: Nanotechnology Application in Sports. Current nanotechnology applications in the sports arena include increasing the strength of tennis racquets, filling any imperfections in club shaft materials and.

See the Current Nanotechnology Applications section below for more information. Sporting Goods: Current Nanotechnology Applications. Using nano-sized material to fill any voids in golf shafts.

Coating kayaks with an epoxy containing carbon nanotubes reduces the chance of. The Sports of Nanotechnology Opinion Arnold Kristoff July 07, nano, nanotech, sport, nanotechnology Sporting manufacturers are always looking to create the most innovative equipment to improve performance for athletes using the latest technologies.

As nanotechnology advancements in sports are enhancing athletic performance, there should be a dividing line between athletes' natural ability and technology because the later one can overshadow the human-spirit and the natural achievements of an athlete.

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Application of nanotechnology in the sports
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