12 basic characteristics of handwriting analysis

Middle zone — Middle area or central area: To establish a clinical diagnosis. People usually use the same pen lifts, and so a forgery may stand out if all the letters are seperated when the real signature connects them.

It is the unexpendable part of the structure, the skeleton that grants identity to the letter without which it cannot be identified. Baseline Habits is where the writer tends to write.

Graphology Basics: What your Handwriting Reveals

Graphology Basics The strongly developed inferior areas refer to people that are sensual, practical, realistic, worried about the care of their own bodies and who look for satisfying their immediate needs.

The highly developed superior areas including a lot of text facing upwards speak about idealistic, spiritual, mentally active and imaginative people. Do the letters flow or are they written with very intent strokes? Present and previous writings shall be required. White, plain paper, without lines nor grids.

From the point of view of movement in execution, the graphic impulse may take four different directions called vectors: It is an economical method, fast and exact. Friday, November 18, 12 Handwriting Characteristics In forensic handwriting analysis, there are twelve characteristics to be considered when determining whether or not a signature is forged or not.

Ascending movement or up-strokes: Categories and Signs in Handwriting Graphology Basics. Psycological factors operated when your pen writes drawing letters over the paper.

In order to understand how this technique called graphology works, we must know the Anatomy of handwriting. The most common flourishment is on letters such as lowecase "G", "J", and "F" - anything that involves a loop! Five Zones Starting stroke — Initial area: Letters are all seperate from one another.

Handwriting Analysis In order to study graphisms, the following parts of a letter have been identified: Line Spacing Writng is an everyday fact, it is difficult for anyone to think about what it implies.

According to graphic symbolism of space, conduct is reflected in writing. We performed what is called overview or be a gestalt look spelling. Upper extensions are the full strokes of the superior area of letters b, d, f, h, j, l, ll and t up to the middle area; also are considered upper extensions the vertical lines of letters n and m, capital and lowercase.

Is represented by feet and descending areas of some capital and lowercase letters. Feel free to share it with your contacts if you found it useful. Letter spacing - the letters at top have little or no space between them, while the letters at the bottom have a lot of empty space between them.

From left to right or hand or finger abduction, dextrogyrous strokes turn out. Letter spacing is the amount of space put between letters.

There are many signature models that may help you recognize a few details.

Handwriting Analysis Chart

Tools and Writings to Analyze Graphology Basics: Does the author lift his or her pen to stop writing a word and start a new word? A spontaneous text as large and complete as possible shall be required a letter longer that a single page, dated and signed, directed to someone of trust.

These can be letters, numbers and diacritical marks. The descending letters are: Are some letters printed rather than in cursive? It is applied as a complementary graphical projective technique of psychology in order to detect slight or profound conflicts and to contribute to diagnosis and follow up.

Is the section where the letter begins. There, we will be able to investigate the reflections and dreams of the individual. When writing areas are in equilibrium and none stands over another, means that this person is able to control their impulses, their state of mind and that is emotionally stable.

It reveals virtues, flaws, complexes, ambitions, feelings for inferiority or superiority, capacity for adaptation or tendencies to become lonely.

Graphology is a technique that allows us to become knowledgeable of ourselves and also explore those who surround us. Spacing of words and letters:Start studying Forensics. Learn Name at least five characteristics of handwriting in which one might microscopic analysis to characterize its surface.

Chapter 10 Handwriting Analysis, Forgery, and Counterfeiting By the end of this chapter you will be able to. Describe 12 types of handwriting characteristics that can be analyzed in a document.

Describe 12 types of handwriting exemplars that can be analyzed in a document. Demonstrate an example of each of the 12 exemplars of handwriting traits. Identify the major goals of a forensic handwriting analysis. Describe some of the technology ised in handwriting analysis.

Distinguish between the terms forgery and fraudulence. handwriting. The most common flourishment is on letters such as lowercase "G", "J", and "F" - anything that involves a loop! Diacritic Placement is the way the author crosses their t's and dots their j's and i's. Nov 18,  · 12 Handwriting Characteristics In forensic handwriting analysis, there are twelve characteristics to be considered when determining whether or not a signature is forged or not.

Line quality is the thickness, strength, and flow of the letters. Nov 12,  · 12 Handwriting Characteristics o In handwriting analysis there are twelve major characteristics that experts look at to Basic shapes/patterns of.

12 basic characteristics of handwriting analysis
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